The trials and tribulations of a poor writer trying to find a decent editor.

So as you all know from my last post, I’ve been working on my third draft of Torn Lace.  The funny thing about writing, or at least writing for an audience is how subjective such a medium is.  And it’s the same with any form of art whether written, visual, or audio.  What you like is what you like.  Some prefer Fifty Shades of Grey, others may lean more towards the classical works or the writing style of Cormac Mccarthy.  It all depends on the reader.  No matter how poorly you feel you have written, there is bound to be someone out there who likes the crap you put down. 


The only problem with that line of thinking is that you really want to make sure your writing is as strong as possible to reach as broad of an audience as possible.  Let’s use the Star Wars analogy.  Certain film snobs may hate the George Lucas trilogy for what it did to modern cinema, but it can’t be denied for even the most jaded of cynics how great the musical score of John Williams turned out.  And that’s kinda what I would like for Torn Lace.  That there is something for everyone.  Maybe they don’t like my writing, and consider it amateurish, but hey!…that’s a damn interesting story!  And vice versa. 


This leads me into the direction of hiring a good editor to help me along.  Because the last thing I want to do is tarnish my beginning rep with an absolute piece of rubbish.  The only problem is the cost itself.  Did I mention that I’m a rather poor student trying to find a new career?  Well, I am.  And that means shelling out thousands of dollars for a pro might be out of of my price range.  Ah, what a conundrum.  Do I just finish the third draft, put it on, pimp my book, then hope for the best?  Or should I just hope and pray to come into a small fortune instead?  What to do…what to do. 


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