It’s the characters that characterize our stories

Just like I promised, I am back with another blog post.  Whoop dee doo.  

This topic is an interesting one.  Not saying that my past blogs were dull in any way, but this one in particular hits on a theme I’ve noticed while perusing through endless pages, and chapters, and books on how to write.  Because throughout all of them, I’ve noticed one piece of advice after another that sticks out.  Not the pitfalls of using adverbs.  Not the use of dialogue to explain the obvious.  But the very structure of characters themselves.  

What are their hopes or wants?  Why did he or she turn into a jock?  What made them break character and finally fight back against the bad guys?  How did they fight back?  

In short, what makes them human?  Honestly, I’ve never really gave much consideration to just how important this first step is in the overall story structure.  I suppose that maybe the very world that writers create can be so large, and sometimes so fantastical, that it’s very easy to lose sight of the little things we create.  And if we do then no matter how many car chases, romantic romps, or tight twists we throw onto the page, it all feels a little flat towards the finish line.  

This blog post will be a little short today.  Oh well.  Hope you all had a happy holiday.  


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