It’s done! It’s done!

Yes!  The sweet smell of a finished product that took more than a year of my somewhat precious time is now complete.  What a sweet smell.  What a journey.  Through initial character development, to fleshing out the actual world, to putting it all on paper, to countless writes and more rewrites…I’m exhausted.  Done, done, done.  Torn Lace is done.   Or as done as It’ll ever be.  The final product turned into something I never really expected, but really, adds a positive tone I’ve never before considered.  So what now?  Promoting time, that’s what.  Some consider the hardest step.  

The consensus of how to go about this seems to be rather straightforward if you peruse around the internet enough.  You can create blogs like I have done using the power of social media to help fuel the flames, or even friends and family all seem like viable options.  After all, those tactics seemed to work for past successful authors to some degree.  Why not do the same old, same old?  

Problem is, is that like too much of anything is just bad, too much of a good marketing plan can saturate e-book commerce.  It’s like if everyone copied In & Out’s successful fast food tactics and flooded every commercial strip with the same food items, the appeal would wear off.  Unfortunately, it looks as if the same is happening with e-book publishing.  Maybe too many are looking for the success of an E.L James or the like, because the past benefits of going independent are quickly falling out of favor.  

So what to do?  I have in plan something that I’ve long considered as a tactic.  I’m not saying what it is now, as that would spoil the surprise, but once Torn Lace is uploaded to Apple’s ibook library, then I can start with my long planned marketing push.  Once that happens, I’ll get back to all of you with the results.  Take care readers.  




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