Okay, so this is the part where I’m supposed to blab on endlessly about my desires, dreams, goals, heartbreaks, fetishes, etc.


Well, to get to the point, I am a 35 year old aspiring writer that is going back to school in the hopes and dream of something engineering or computer science related.  More to the point, the germ of an idea for a novel came about a year ago.  It coalesced through serious brainstorming into something concrete earlier this year.  It was originally titled Sodom Reborn.  Now I changed it to Torn Lace.


Torn Lace follows the protagonist Marie Lace as she finds herself stuck in a dystopian near future of San Francisco in which a breakaway military faction led by Air Force General George Dean, has taken over certain sections of the country in hopes of leading America back into into it’s original ideal of a more perfect Republic.  Finding themselves trapped by those choosing to remain loyal to the Federal Government on all sides, the city is forced to import food and other essential items from a sympathetic China and Russia.  On the verge of starvation from constant ration cutbacks, Marie makes the choice to apply for a modeling shoot for fantasiesunlimited.com.  A kink website that promotes every fantasy within legal limits.  As the political and military fallout pressures Dean’s government, Marie finds herself increasingly torn between pleasing her husband, infant, government, and new employer.


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